Southern Mix is a collaboration across UNC-Chapel Hill.


The Carolina Asia Center is the University of North Carolina’s flagship organization for Asia-related activities. In 2014, we became the first Title VI-funded pan-Asia National Resource Center in the southeast United States. Our mission is to positively transform our understanding of and relationship with Asia and to equip students and others with the knowledge of Asia to assume leadership roles. We develop resources for engagement with Asia-related topics through seminars, language study, outreach, cultural competency, study abroad and visiting scholars programs. We are a unit of UNC-Chapel Hill’s College of Arts and Sciences and work with various professional schools, departments, centers and student organizations on campus. Beyond Carolina, we collaborate with regional and international institutions to develop and implement educational programs on Asia. Our programs have also been supported by the Freeman Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, the Japan Foundation, the Korea Foundation, the Thai Government, and through our close partnerships with Duke University and the UNC system of universities and community colleges.


People make sense of their lives through story. The South is especially rich in storytellers, and it has a vibrant past of struggle and renewal. For more than forty years, the SOHP has preserved the voices of the southern past. Our aim has been to learn the South’s history from the people who have lived it, who have staked their lives and values in it, and who are eager to supplement the historical record with the vitality of their own accounts. We work to capture priceless memories before they are lost, and we present these stories to the public in creative forms. Since 1973, the SOHP has conducted over 5,300 interviews with men and women–from mill workers to civil rights leaders to future presidents of the United States. Made available to the public through UNC’s renowned Southern Historical Collection and through our online database, these interviews capture the vivid personalities, poignant personal stories, and behind-the-scenes decision-making that bring history to life. The SOHP is part of UNC's Center for the Study of the American South

The Alumni Committee on Racial and Ethnic Diversity is dedicated to serving Carolina’s multi-cultural communities by engaging diverse alumni in the life of the university, and forging deeper and lasting relationships between Carolina and its minority constituents. Four sub-committees—the African American, Asian, Latina/o and American Indian—join together to generate new leadership roles and funding opportunities critical to Carolina’s ambition to lead all public universities into the future of true excellence in higher education. Carolina’s student body becomes more diverse with each entering class, creating a richer and more dynamic academic experience for all students. Every group is unique in its history, traditions, background and experiences, but all are woven together to form the very fabric of this great institution.

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